[Original illustration] Disturbing Smile 2022/11/10

Furuito Kiko (古糸きこ)
4 min readNov 10, 2022


This is my second post. Best regards.

October 31 was Halloween, so I painted a witch-themed picture.
Yes, I did not make it.


I tried to draw a profile of a witch at first, but it was very difficult to draw her expression, and I could not imagine the ideal face of a witch.
So I decided to create a picture that would make people imagine the expression of a witch.

At this point, the setting was vaguely “a witch is having tea time on a hill overlooking the city,” so there is something town-like in the background.
It was difficult for me to draw, so I gave up.

・Line drawing

I tried to write this line drawing in a slightly challenging way.
I illustrate with MediBang, and the official MediBang YouTube channel introduced me to a novel way of drawing hair.

(The video is explained in Japanese, but there are English subtitles at the top of the screen.)

I didn’t know there was such a use for a Edge Pen…. Nice idea….
However, since the Edge Pen cannot change the color inside, I decided to use it as a line drawing.

(L)Hair written in Edge Pen (R)Composite!

As a result, I had to write with a lot of momentum to get the tip of the hair to point, and I couldn’t do it well.
However, there is room for improvement.
If I write normally, the tips of the hair will be rounded, so if I make use of this feature in my design, it may suit my drawing. I will practice.

Also, it was really hard for me to write this painting because I had to think about the invisible parts.
I even had to extend the canvas once to write on it in order to avoid unnatural connections between the witch’s body and costume.

・ Coloring

Since this is not a realistic picture, we set rules for coloring.

・To make the hand (especially the nails) stand out.
・To create an eerie feeling.

It’s hard to tell, but I added shadows in concentric gradations toward the witch’s hand. Does it look eerie?

Also, for fun, we added a star pattern to the witch’s clothing.

・ Background coloring

The background I had originally planned to use was lost, so I decided to paint the sunset instead. The gradient was created by

・Blue gradient (Multiply Layer)
・Orange gradient (Multiply Layer)
・Red gradient (Lormal layer)

The sunset is created by Airbrushing white onto a Luminous Layer.
The shadows of the trees were created using materials originally included in MediBang.

The view turned out better than expected, but I had some trouble with this because the red nails were not noticeable.


The color of the witch herself was quite nice, so I processed it in such a way that the red of the sunset and the red of the nails could be differentiated.
However, the red of the nails became darker and less noticeable.

・Final adjustment

So, by repainting the witch’s nails again, I was able to clarify the red color of the nails.

Illustrations with a concept are fun to draw.I used exactly 50 layers.
Please let me know what you think if you like.

Thank you very much for viewing this page.

I modified an illustration I drew before.

I didn’t put in much shadow to make it look unrealistic, but I should put it in to emphasize the red in the nails 🙃.



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