[Original illustration] Back Alley 2022/12/30

Furuito Kiko (古糸きこ)
4 min readDec 30, 2022


This is my fourth post. Best regards.

I drew a person with a mop-like haircut.
I borrowed the background from (photo-ac.com).


Since all the pictures I had drawn so far were close-ups of the face area, I decided to draw one picture in which the entire human body could be seen.
At this point, miraculously, I was able to draw the hair beautifully.
However, I wanted to give it a bit more of a sloppy look.

・Line drawing

It was especially difficult to draw the arm of the person holding the broom.
This is because I drew it very randomly in the draft (lol)

I think a more slender figure would have given the impression of nodding off…

I didn’t have any work clothes at hand, so I tried to draw the clothes from my imagination, and it’s a pity that they don’t look much different from normal clothes.


This process is almost the same as Moment (the third work).

The difference is that all the shadows are colored in a gray system.
Oh, with the exception of the cans, which are colored red with a watercolor touch.
Red color makes me want to emphasize it. I don’t know why.

I put the stains on my clothes in dots.
I used the stains on my own shirts as a reference.


This is the process that I was not sure whether to do or not to do the most in this painting.
If I had just painted the colors, it would not have looked dirty, so I took the plunge and applied tones.

The places where it was applied are

・Hair (2 vertical lines)
・Skin (halftone)
・Broom (vertical lines)
・Towel (2 vertical lines)
・Shadow of clothes (same as towel).

The hair, skin and broom were done quite well.
I especially like the halftone screening on the skin.

However, be careful not to overdo it, because if you apply too much tone, the picture will look like a cartoon picture, or the picture will lose its three-dimensionality. I have learned that.

・Photo insertion

When I look for an image after I have painted my picture, it is very difficult to find one that fits.
This image is actually a much nicer image, but when I try to match it to the picture, I end up cropping a part of it, and I feel bad that I can’t bring out the best of the image.
It would be interesting to paint a picture that matches the image.

・Final adjustment(Completion)

At first, I tried to process the images without destroying the dark atmosphere, but if they were too dark, they did not look good in the thumbnails, so I made them a little brighter.
I felt that this type of picture would not really catch the eye if it did not contain a lot of information.

I painted two pictures in December because I couldn’t paint one in October.
I am glad I made it in time. I used 67 layers this time.
Please let me know what you think.

Thank you very much for viewing this page.


I changed the way I painted the shadows since Gregariousness(6th work), so I re-did the shadows as a practice.
I was too lazy to redo everything, so I only added the clothes.

From a distance, it looks exactly the same as it did before the addition…(lol).
I drew the wrinkle lines at random, so I didn’t understand how the shadows would appear in some parts.
I would like to make this an issue for future illustrations. ✍️



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