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Furuito Kiko (古糸きこ)
4 min readDec 11, 2022


This is my third post. Best regards.

In Japan, it has become much colder recently.
It’s getting harder and harder to get out of the futon….
I borrowed the background from (photo-ac.com).


It has been snowing in my area for a while now, so I painted a wintery picture.
It’s about a person whose mind has suddenly gone blank because of something that happened. The wind blew, or an unexpected reunion, or something like that.

I wanted to improve on my previous EdgePen technique, so at first I thought about making a painting with impressive, dominating hair, but then I thought that if I exaggerated the hair, it would not be a realistic painting, so I stopped painting it.

・Line drawing

It was very difficult to make line drawings for this painting because there were a little too many small objects.
Even while I was coloring, I made many corrections.

Also, after I finished the line drawing, I thought that the balance between the face and the body was not right.
I tried not to make the body too muscular, but it’s surprisingly difficult to find the right ratio of feminine physique.


When I painted “On The Way Home” (the first work), I put a lot of effort into shading, so it had been a while since I painted it properly, starting from the coloring.

I always gradient each part so that the color is lighter toward the light source location before adding full-blown shading and highlights.
The purpose is to create an atmosphere.
It is my meticulous wish to make any image enjoyable to look at.


What I was particularly conscious of was the distinction between blurred and non-blurred shadows.
I am biased, but I think the key to creating a three-dimensional effect is to be able to delicately distinguish the type of light and shadow, “where did the light and shadow emanate from?”
In this painting, the shadows of small objects were clearly added with a Multiply Layer to make them look impressive.

As for the pattern of the scarf, we borrowed it from a free material.

Below is a comparison of images with and without gradients.

with /without gradients.

I think the atmosphere has changed quite a bit.

・Photo processing and insertion

As for the photo, I already searched for it at the stage of drawing this picture.
I thought about using a landscape of withering trees, but I felt that would not express the encounter, so I decided on a residential area.

In processing, I was most worried about how to express the “A person whose mind has suddenly gone blank “.
I tried to make the head of the person completely white, and then paint it with a different touch of color, or add highlights in an exaggerated manner.
But I didn’t want to erase the painted area once it was done, so I decided to make only the background pure white.

・Final adjustment(Completion)

I usually do a lot of processing and make bold adjustments to the colors, but this time, miraculously, the colors were quite good from the original, so I just applied a filter.
I didn’t want to muddy the white background behind, so I applied a thin layer.

I guess it’s been quite a while since I painted a bright picture. It was nice to have a fresh feeling.
I used about 80 layers this time because there were a few small things.

Please let me know what you think.

Thank you very much for viewing this page.



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