[Original illustration] On The Way Home 2022/9/30

Furuito Kiko (古糸きこ)
3 min readSep 30, 2022


This is my first post. Best regards.

I created a character of a college student for work, so I drew this illustration to commemorate the occasion.
I borrowed the background from (photo-ac.com).


Somehow, I decided to draw a scene from my college life that I didn’t like (lol).
As for my own episode, I had a hard time when the bus stopped during a torrential downpour and I had to walk home. So I chose the theme of “college students walking home in the rain” for this picture.

・Line drawing

I am the type of person who does not write much in the drafts, but rather put more effort into the line drawings. It takes a lot of time, but I enjoy the process of creating line drawings through trial and error.

With this drawing, it took me quite a while to adjust the size of the glasses and umbrella. Maybe I am not good at drawing props. (As for the umbrella, I wasn’t used to drawing it, so I drafted this part separately.)

I draw with a 5pt pen. I would like to be able to draw thinner, but I feel that it is difficult to draw a strong line, so I cannot try a thinner pen…


Since I was conscious of the night time, I put the shadows first and foremost before any colors.
There are three main types of shadows.
・The shadow covering the entire boy (gray)
・Shadow of the light coming from the left side (overlay blue x 2 types)
・Gradation created by the lighting (transparency 50–60% blue)

Especially for the hair, I thought that drawing detailed shadows would make the picture dirty because I was drawing a bunch of hair. Therefore, I added shadows only where the hair overlaps.

・Color paint + Highlight

I did these two processes all at once.
The only thing I worked hard on was the highlighting of the glasses.

・Photo insertion

I first searched for “night, rain” for the photo, but I couldn’t find anything that matched, so I searched for “night, crosswalk”. I adjusted the colors.

The photo made it look like a work of art at once. I also dotted the raindrops on the umbrella at this time.

・Processing (Completion)

I finished painting in one step and adjusted the overall balance using photo processing at the end. In particular, I made sure that the highlights blended well.

One thing to reflect on in this painting is the fact that the rainy theme is not well expressed.I used about 46 layers.

I wrote this at length. Thank you for reading.

Please let us know what you think.



Furuito Kiko (古糸きこ)

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