[Original illustration] Smoke Break 2023/01/18


This is my fifth post. Best regards.
Happy New Year !!!!


This time I decided to draw the background myself in addition to the people.
At first, I envisioned a large place like the edge of a rooftop, but I guessed I would never be able to draw it, so I decided on a smoking room… 💦
(I drew this while remembering the smoking room at my place of work.)
I had already drawn this viewpoint composition once in the Disturbing Smile (my second work), so the rough drawing was quick.

Lately, I’ve come to think that it’s better to have my hair detailed in the drafts so I don’t get lost in the line drawings, so at this point I’m writing a bunch of hair.
Shaggy hair is a pain to draw, but it is fun.

・ Line drawing

I had the most amount of hair I have ever had to draw. I drew too much detail in the draft.
I can’t even imagine myself what his hair style would look like (lol).
I would like to remake my illustrations someday, but I’m sure I won’t choose this one.It’s too tight.

I also had to redo this part several times because I am not quite good at drawing facial expressions in profile.
I also drew the teeth to give the impression of a high smile.

This time, I drew the line drawing with the shape of the body in mind.
In particular, I had a hard time finding the curves of the arms.
I wanted to give the impression of a woman with a standard body shape.


See Moment (3rd work) for more information on this process.

In this case, shadows (shadows that seem to be created by overlapping things) were added in a Color Burn Layer.

・Background (Draft)

To be honest, I wasn’t sure whether to paint the background or not.
I have always borrowed from photo AC, and I was thinking of doing the same this time.
However, I couldn’t find a suitable photo of a smoking room, and there are not that many small objects to paint, so I decided to take on the challenge.

・Background (thick paint)

wall(L) posters and railings(R)

It was many years ago, but I tried to paint like that, having painted with oils for several years. I had a hard time because a brush and an Apple Pen feel completely different.
I painted with a concept color first, and then added color. It was a little easier because the entire back of the painting was grayish.

The letters are,
・喫煙室(Smoking room)
・防犯カメラを設置しています!!(Security cameras are installed! )
灰皿以外の場所にタバコを捨てないでください。(Please do not dispose of cigarettes anywhere except in the ashtray. )
タバコの火は必ず消してください(Please be sure to extinguish cigarettes.)

I found this poster at work.
(I’m a non-smoker, so I only go into the smoking room when I’m cleaning!)

・Background (blur)

I used the Gaussian Blur in the MediBang filter.
I am glad that the text, which was so assertive, blended in nicely.

Also, I felt that the blue of the clothes floated against the gray of the room, so I added brown all over. I added brown color to the whole picture because I felt that the blue color of the clothes stood out against the gray color of the room.
I also drew the cigarette smoke at this time.
Fingertip Pens are the most fun.

・Final adjustment(Completion)

This illustration is a little dirty because the roughness of the image quality happened no matter which format I output it in. I have already compromised.
Maybe it is a problem on the iPad side.

I use the normal Apple camera functions for processing, but I think I tend to settle on a filter called Dramatic.
I guess that kind of atmospheric picture is what I prefer.

It’s tough to draw backgrounds digitally.
I respect all painters.
This time, I used exactly 50 layers.
Please let me know what you think.

Thank you very much for viewing this page.



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